FREE Deadly Kindy Kit

Take your child into your local participating clinic for a pre-Kindy Health Check and they'll receive a Free Kindy Kit!

All you have do is take them in for a Health Check and register your interest in Kindy.

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Health Checks

Your child can have a Health Check before or after they're enrolled. Just call your local clinic and make a booking.

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Kindy Near You

If your child turns 4 by June 30 2018 they can start Kindy in January. Click the link to find a Kindy near you.

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Kindy Hotline

Need more information about Kindy? How to enrol, how much it costs or what help is available? Call the Kindy Hotline and chat.

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Book a Health Check

A pre-Kindy Health Check can identify any problems that might mean your child doesn’t get the most out of Kindy. Things like eyesight, hearing and speech. It’s a simple Health Check and it’s free.

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FREE Deadly Kindy Kit

Your free Deadly Kindy Kit contains a Deadly Kindy shirt, hat, lunch box, blanket and lots more fun stuff. Your child will love their Kindy Kit and you’ll save money!

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Kindies near you

It’s never too soon to start thinking about enrolling your child in Kindy. Click on the link below to see our location map and find a Kindy near you. Addresses and phone numbers are also provided.

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Get help to enrol

The Kindy Hotline is open to answer any questions you have about enrolling in Kindy and how much it costs. Call the hotline and chat to our Kindy experts.

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Kindy is a deadly choice

Beryl Friday, Netballer